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Haute Noodle caters to diners in Central Florida who seek adventure and fresh flavors in food. Our signature street cart/menu features Vietnamese-inspired cuisine that's fun, fresh, approachable, and makes you feel like you are dining at an Asian street cart

We also create custom menus for any event or theme. 

live + laugh + eat.

live. The culture of food exists beyond the plate, rich in experience, spicy in detail, sweet in connection, savory in memory. Each of these elements encompasses the story we want to share and that we want to infuse in every event, from the menu we imagine to the presentation we create. Because we're not just in the business of schlepping food. We're in it to celebrate life.

laugh. And by celebrating, we mean we're driven to find the fun and the feel-good in food. In Vietnam, food is communal. The community tradition of ngau, similar to tapas, sitting around the table to unwind from the day, having small bites over drinks, like Vietnamese coffee, brewed dark and sweetened with condensed milk, or raising a glass of crisp “33 Export” beer for a spirited "Yo!!!" (glasses in!).

eat. Of course, food is still the star and we can't wait for you to dig in. The cuisine is fresh, healthy and rich in flavor, blending the 5 fundamental tastes of spicy, sour, bitter, salty and sweet, and incorporating fresh herbs (like lemongrass, ginger, mint, chili, lime, basil) and spices (coriander, cinnamon, anise). And as we fire it, roast it, smoke it, sear it, roll it, bowl it, dice it, spice it and more... we invite you to our table.



(954) 907-1998


With 20+ years of Orlando bar/restaurant & hospitality experience, in leading roles such as food & bev mgr, gen op mgr, GM and executive chef, John is proficient in event planning, menu development and execution, drink pairings, creative inspiration and guest services.

A creative at heart, John earned a bachelor’s in graphic  design and also works as a woodworker, creating custom furniture and various mixed material projects. See what he’s been up to at Vudoo Wood



3201 Corrine Drive
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Chef John Vu, (954) 907-1998


Contact us for a taste of what's possible! Beyond our signature Vietnamese street cart fare, we customize menus for any occasion or theme, for business groups and for more intimate affairs. Tell us your vision, and we'll help you bring it to life.

Sample menus:

Signature Street Fare

Urban Smoke + Grille

Sea Fare

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